I  use  a  Salt Spring Island professional photographer, John Cameron.  Please go to his site and consider using him if you require print-ready images of your work for any purpose or you want a portrait done.  He charges very fairly for great work.  His website is www.johncameron.ca.  


My friend Katherine Surridge has always believed in me as an artist- even when I didn't.  She is a distinguished artist and film-maker who now lives and works in Nanaimo.  I admire her work very much and am really excited about her recent paintings.  You can see her work at www.katherinesurridge.ca.
I have work in the John Harris Gallery in Nanaimo.  Please visit their site and the Gallery:  www.johnharrisgallery.com.

I paint in Italy each year with my friend, Jamie Evrard.  You can view her paintings by going to her gallery's website and clicking on her name:  www.bau-xi.com.  You will see that, like painters of previous centuries, we often set up and paint the same still lifes.  She is an ongoing inspiration to me.

Some years ago, I was taught to sculpt in clay by a wonderful ceramic artist, Suzy Birstein.  She is well-known on the Vancouver art scene and is also a very good painter.  You can view her work at www.suzybirstein.com